Lease Deal Group has expressed its support for Ukraine by making a significant donation through the Finnish Red Cross

The distress in Ukraine is now great. People are fleeing their homes and falling away from their loved ones and some 18 million people are suffering from the conflict caused by the war. There is now a need for humanitarian aid, and therefore the Lease Deal Group has expressed its support for the Ukrainians by making a donation of EUR 30.000 to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to support the war-affected Ukraine and Ukrainians. With the help of the Finnish Red Cross, e.g. Food, medicine and protection. At the same time, Lease Deal Group encourages other companies as well as individuals to make a donation in the way they deem best, for the amount they deem appropriate. 

You can donate to the Red Cross Disaster Fund from the link below:

Source: www.punainenristi.fiPlace your order - Soon and fast


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